About Us

Avizheh specialty photographer’s studio with more than 20 years experience in the field of photography, video, editing and designing  is a well-known name among those people who are looking for special services.

Preparing the specific albums for brides, infants, portrait and videoing, editing the memorable clips of celebrations, seminars, congresses and producing the publicity trailer for industries and products are this studio’s activities.

Avizheh has taken a suitable place in this profession by using the capabilities of its managers and technical personnel during many years. Avizheh has also provided its competencies in IRAN and other neighboring countries such as UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.

The attendance of the professional personnel beside the other Avizheh’s capabilities from the beginning to the end of a project makes customers to trust on this center too much. These factors make this center as the most important center for holding magnificent ceremonies and celebrations in the Islamic countries.

In order to attract different styles, Avizheh has tried to utilize the special facilities of each office by other offices. In this manner, customers can completely feel the uniqueness while they are using special facilities during performance of project.



Big bargain Group , Unit 1707 , Opal Tower , Business Bay ,Dubai




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